Swivl for Teacher Observations

There is a new feature in EdReflect that allows teachers/other faculty to upload a video for observation or evidence. Previously, we were just using an iPad set up in the corner of the room. This did not allow for a very accurate depiction of the lesson. Our administrators have been looking for an effective way for teachers to record themselves and upload the video for observation. We spoke about different options and decided that the Swivl would be a great resource. We ordered five of the Swivl C-Series 1 from the Swivl website.

After receiving these devices our administration team asked me to record a video (using the Swivl) of myself explaining how to use it. I did a lot of reading, researching, and tinkering with the device before beginning my video. I wanted to really understand its abilities before sharing with others to lessen confusion. I would then show this video to our staff of 100 during a professional development that was held days later. No pressure 😉


It was pretty difficult to watch a video of yourself with 100 of your colleagues, but I made it through unharmed! Part of our job is being willing to take risks. We find new devices, websites, resources etc. and experiment with them. When things go wrong, we do our best to help our colleagues learn from our mistakes and findings. This was one of those successful times. Stay strong, you can do it!

I am thankful for an administration that listens to my ideas and trusts me to share with our staff.

Since that day we have had many teachers give the Swivl a try. I have gone to their classrooms and assisted them with the set up. The data cable that connects to the device from the Swivl is compatible with the newer generation Apple products (iPhone 5 to current). For teachers that do not have such a device, I include an iPod that we have for check out in the library. These iPods are the equivalent of an iPhone 5. I have downloaded the Swivl app onto these iPods so that they are ready for use. It has been beneficial to have the teacher download the app onto their device beforehand if they are using a personal device.

The teachers have shared with me the value they see in using this device. Administrators are also excited to have a better quality video that shows a larger scope of the room and supplies consistent audio. This device has made a huge difference for our district. I hope you will look into it and see if this is something that your school has a need for.

There are other useful features like slide sharing, multiple markers (microphone/sensor), and multiple camera views. These are very useful features that I will be exploring in the near future.

For the full tutorial view my video here!

Peace, love, and encouragement


Twitter: @Kait_Price11

Email: kaitlyn_price@lakesidesd.org






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